This Body Positive Shopping App Personalises Your Feed With Women That Look Like You


Imagine scrolling down a feed that’s full of women that look like you. It sounds like a dream to feel so represented by your feed content, we know. But it’s not too good to be true.

Personal styling app, Mys Tyler, is revolutionising online shopping by offering us gals a new way to find clothes that fit our shape, size and style. It’s all about self-love, celebrating diversity and developing body positivity, all while being inspired to shop new looks.

How Does It Work?

Okay, so basically this app looks a bit like Instagram but is a more focused version. You have a personal profile and a newsfeed, you can like photos, purchase items and post pictures… but everything relates to fashion. It’s all about styling. Your feed is curated with women that have been ‘matched’ to you, meaning they have a similar body shape, background etc.

There are three simple steps to getting started:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the app (which you can do here), you complete a body quiz, which then helps the app’s FIT algorithm match you with women of similar heights, sizes, and skin tones.
  2. Then, you can choose to “follow” women whose style you like, to create a personalised feed of fashion content that is both body and style relevant.
  3. You can then shop your favourite items directly through the app and continue to find women that you feel represent you.

Why Do We Love This?

Although fashion is absolutely heading in the right direction when it comes to inclusion, and mainstream brands are starting to take size diversity seriously, seeing a model that you feel represents your body shape is still few and far between.

I know as a plus-sized model working in Australia, that I’m almost always the only curve model on set and that on some occasions, I have been the first plus-sized model a brand has ever worked with.

As a size 14-16, I struggle with online shopping, especially with unfamiliar brands. There’s a little part of me that never quite trusts that something will fit, as so many clothes are still made with the ‘sample size’ body in mind.

According to research, 91 per cent of people who ordered clothing online are not satisfied with fit and 30 to 40 per cent return items due to this. Not only is returning clothes a pain and sometimes exxy, but it also doesn’t feel good when you have to return something because it doesn’t fit.

Unfortunately, we’ve grown up in a society where women are expected to look an ‘ideal’ way and that not fitting into clothes is a sign that we aren’t desirable.

Not only is Mys Tyler aiming to change this, celebrating and showing how clothes look on different sizes, heights and ethnicities, all the content is based on consumer experiences and therefore, you’re not only able to see how something looks on someone you can relate to, but also how it fits, feels and lasts.

“There are millions of women around the world who look like you, love shopping, and know what clothes best fit your body,” says Sarah Neill, founds of the Mys Tyler app. “We just help you find them.”

“We want to normalise all bodies, and help women reclaim their bodies in style.”

How Do I Get Involved?

Not only do you get to be an active user, but you can also earn some $$ from Mys Tyler, by being a contributor.

Opting for real women, real voices and real experiences, the app encourages you to get involved and put your own style tips, favourite brands and own inspiration out there.

Mys Tyler is actively recruiting women to share their fashion wins and help their #sizesisters, while also earning commission and it is already resonating with women who have jumped on board to become the Founding Contributors:

“I love Mys Tyler for normalising every body type. I have larger arms and thighs and the societal expectation of hourglasses and Kardashian-esque shapes when talking plus bodies is not realistic for me. I need to see someone tall, big where I’m big, small where I’m small, to understand the fit and style of an item,” says April Hélène-Horton (@thebodzilla).

“As a plus-size woman, I was dubious that Mys Tyler would be a place for me. But then when I took the FIT quiz and was matched with a celebrity the same size and shape as me, I was so emotional! Finally, an app that includes
all bodies. I immediately signed up as a contributor because I want to help people like me who don’t fit the “norm” find clothes that actually fit, make them feel good and look good!” Holly Richards (@hollynrichards) says.

I mean, IDK about y’all, but I could use some of this positivity with my online shopping experience thanks.

You can download the Mys Tyler app here and follow on Instagram here for even more inspo.

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