BTS’s LA Fashion Is a Reminder That They’re the Best Dressed Celebs on the Planet


Wherever BTS goes, they will leave a trail of broken records and sold-out fashion items in their wake. It’s inevitable: just look at the frenzy that followed the idols from Seoul as they traveled to America for their record-breaking mini-tour Permission to Dance in LA. When the confetti settled, the global superstars had sold 214,000 tickets, earning $33.3 million for the four-night run, and injecting an estimated $100+ million into the Los Angeles economy (thanks to their legion of fans, ARMY, flocking to the city from all corners of the world).

And they looked fly as hell doing it.

From award shows to performances to (well-deserved) days off, Bangtan’s brief Los Angeles residency was a parade of sartorial serves. Let’s relive that glorious LA run and the pure fashion bliss BTS gifted us.

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