Carrie’s Paris Gown is the Main Character of the ‘And Just Like That’ Finale


The And Just Like That finale aired last night, and what a finale it was. We got a rainbow they mitzvah, complete with fabulous lolly bar, Carrie’s own Sex and the City podcast, a steamy kiss with a hunky producer, some hope from Samantha (and for a second season).

But perhaps, the most fabulous of all, was Carrie’s orange Valentino gown that she wore to scatter Big’s ashes off “their bridge”, in Paris.

When she appeared in this outfit, I audibly gasped. We love to see Carrie in an extravagant outfit on any occasion, especially one with as much meaning as this.

She wore an exquisite Valentino gown, from his 2019 Fall Couture collection, with signature Valentino puffed sleeves and beautiful cascading shape in a bright coral colour, paired with a sparkly Eiffel Tower bag by Timmy Woods Beverley Hills (you can buy the exact one for yourself here), long, puffy, hot pink gloves and multiple sparkly earrings.

Valentino Fall ’19

She also wore her hair in a signature big Carrie bun — like she wore to Charlotte’s wedding to Trey back in season three of Sex and the City — super elegant and classy, a statement hairstyle. Everything about this outfit is a statement, yet somehow it works.

Instagram / @sarahjessicaparker

According to And Just Like That costume designer, Molly Rogers, this Valentino gown was the only one that came into the room. She told InStyle that “SJ saw it and said, ‘look no more'”.

As for the sparkly Eiffel Tower bag, “what would be better?” Molly asks. And we have to agree that it’s not only perfect for this setting — an American Girl in Paris, part trois — it also gives Carrie some glimmer, and adds that vintage one-of-a-kind edge to her outfit, which is pretty quintessential of a Carrie Bradshaw look.

Instagram / @sarahjessicaparker

This look will go down in Carrie Bradshaw history. It marks a pivotal moment in Carrie’s life; she’s letting Big go. By dressing up in this insanely beautiful and iconic outfit, to scatter his ashes over the bridge where he first told her she was “the one”, is a true full circle moment. Mr. Big is no more. It’s sad, but necessary. And Carrie? Well, she’s officially back.

You catch up on the And Just Like That finale and all other nine episodes right now, on BINGE.

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