14 Times Cate Blanchett Repeated Her Outfit on the Red Carpet

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Cate Blanchett turns heads on every single red carpet she stands on. Styled by Elizabeth Stewart, she’s known for taking an elegant, timeless approach to fashion while still delivering plenty of glamour. But, once you take a deeper dive into her wardrobe history, you find one more thing to love. Cate Blanchett rewears outfits more than most, encouraging outfit repeating on the red carpet and beyond.

When it comes to sustainability, there’s nothing better than shopping vintage, pre-loved, or in your own closet. And with a stylish arsenal like Blanchett’s, the latter is to be encouraged and emulated. As McKinsey reports, nearly 97% of newly-manufactured ultimately clothing makes it way to a landfill. Rewearing outfits helps offset this harmful impact, while also celebrating personal style and investment shopping.

Blanchett’s style, overall, is one of fashion appreciation. She’s always open to try something new, slip into an eye-catching silhouette, or opt for a boldly embellished gown that has all the markings of a perfect one-of-a-kind couture garment. If so much care has been given to the design, why relegate it to the back of a closet or storage unit for the next few decades?

From little black dresses to jumpsuits; tulle confections to hand-beaded gowns, read through to see all of the red carpet moments when Cate Blanchett shopped in her own closet for the perfect look.

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