Calista Flockhart Won the Red Carpet in a 24-Year-Old Ralph Lauren Skirt


The fashion industry’s seemingly endless supply of new clothes is actually quite harmful. According to <a href="
%0A” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” class=”ga-track” data-ga-category=”internal click” data-ga-label=”” data-ga-action=”body text link”>McKinsey, almost 97% of clothing eventually ends up in a landfill, and 60% of clothing does so within 12 months of being manufactured. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we reframe the conversation around rewearing your outfit. For decades, it was considered a fashion faux paux for even the average style enthusiast, who wouldn’t dare repeat a look twice in the social media age. For celebrities, it was an even rarer occurrence; with the help of stylists and designers at their beck and call, there was simply no need for outfit repeats. But given fashion’s tremendous waste problem, we’re finally seeing a shift. Sustainability has taken a front seat in recent years, proving that outfit repeating is more than acceptable; it helps reduce waste, pollution, and prevents clothing from ending up in landfills.

Today’s biggest celebrities are now repeating some of their most unique looks without shame. Jennifer Lopez rewore her iconic green Versace dress in 2019, and Tiffany Haddish wore a white Alexander McQueen dress on three separate occasions, three years in a row. Kate Middleton has also developed a penchant for repeating outfits on many occasions, including the burgundy Catherine Walker coat dress she wore on Christmas Day in 2018 and the Commonwealth Service in 2020, respectively. She also recycled her Alexander McQueen gown worn in 2019, at the 2023 BAFTAs.

Most recently, on June 14, Calista Flockhart hit the red carpet at the “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” premiere in a Ralph Lauren skirt she first wore to the 1999 Emmys, almost 24 years earlier. Nominated for her role in “Ally McBeal” at the time, the actress paired her yellow, floor-length design with a tied-up, white button-down shirt. Styled both times by Elizabeth Stewart, she opted for a black off-shoulder top for her latest rewear.

Keep scrolling for another glance at Flockhart’s look, and to see the best celebrity outfit repeats of all time.

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