In a World of Neutrals, Is It Time to Say Yes to a Colourful Wedding Dress?

J Andreatta

While marriage was once a financial union, a business venture, a step towards a secure and comfortable future, these days, many of us marry for love. We’ve also changed the way we marry, with weddings in recent times taking on all kinds of different forms that are more representative of the couple than the institution — including mixing up the traditional white wedding dress.

Exhibit A: Jessica Andreatta, Designer and Creative Director of Australian bridal brand J.Andreatta, who married recently in Puglia, Italy and wore a blue floral print organza overlay gown for the occasion.

“I wanted to wear a different colour as I always see white, ivory and blush tones and blue still has that nod to bridal as it incorporates the “something blue” element,” Andreatta told POPSUGAR Australia.

“It was actually meant to be more of a navy blue but the colour came in lighter and I loved it – luckily because I had left things quite late and there wasn’t time to make any changes before I flew out to Italy.”

She loved the off-the-shoulder feel as it’s romantic, but the neck tie added more of an edge.

“I like to design around the fabric, not the other way round. As soon as I saw that fabric it was easy to imagine what would look best and most fitting for the location. I wanted to feel comfortable and light so a soft skirt was definitely the direction.”

This move has inspired her new bridal collection with hints of blue in every piece, set to be released in January next year. Andreatta predicts that many brides will begin opting for colour, or something a little “edgier” as their bridal gown.

“While we have played with colour in previous collections using blush hues and golden tones, 2023 will see a marked shift to even more colour as brides opt for the unexpected and look beyond classic ivory,” she says.

“I’m expecting to see oversized florals and sheer, beaded silhouettes, creating an effortlessly elegant yet strong, edgy look for the modern bride.”

Colour has been slowly edging its way into bridal fashion, with many brides in 2022 opting for something coloured; whether it be a bright heel, bold accessories and lipsticks. And while some introduced colour, other modifications have been playing alongside, such as shorter hems and varying more modern materials.

Basically, being a bride doesn’t have to mean wearing a fancy white dress anymore. It’s whatever you want it to be. “I loved wearing colour on my wedding day. It represented a fresh new trend, more my personality and something a bit unexpected,” says Andreatta.

As far as the inspiration behind her dress, much like how she designs for her clients, Andreatta wanted her dress to tell a story.

“We married in Puglia Italy in a charming old Palazzo and I wanted the style of my wedding dress to reflect our surroundings, while feeling luxurious and effortless,” she says.

“I felt compelled to wear something ethereal and romantic so silk organza was definitely the fabric for me. Adding hints of blue in the hydrangea print kept it fresh and different. I literally sketched one design and that was what I wore.”

More than any other outfit in your life, your wedding dress should be chosen on a feeling. The “perfect” dress might not be the one you’ve always imagined, but the one that makes you cry when you look at yourself in the mirror and imagine your love, seeing you for the first time on your wedding day.

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