To Ensure You Feel Comfortable in the Barbiecore Trend, Here Are Our Styling Tips

The entire world is going Barbie crazy right now. From the big screen to the runway and every microcosm of the internet in between, Barbie fever is at an all-time high and there is no known cure. But why would you want a cure? Barbie, and Barbiecore, is all about feeling confident, doing whatever you put your mind to, and wearing a big, cheesy smile across your face at all times. Hardly a bad thing!

Now, unlike Barbie, some people among us don’t really want to walk around in 6-inch heels at all times lest they break their ankle. Me, I’m talking about me. But us flat-shoed, comfort-loving dolls deserve to live the Barbiecore fantasy too, right? Barbie-inspired fashion might inspire visuals of no hair being out of place and waists cinched to the gods, but Barbie says we can do anything, which includes being comfortable. 

And what Barbie says, we must do. Luckily, Melbourne footwear icon Rollie Nation has partnered with the ultimate Malibu icon to offer a streetwear collection that’ll keep things comfy yet chic. Here’s how you can go full Barbiecore this year while still staying comfortable. Believe us, it’s possible.

Barbiecore Tip #1: Think Pink

barbie rollie pink hoodie

The first note is an obvious one, but one that bears repeating — if it ain’t pink, it ain’t Barbiecore. There’s wiggle room, of course, but keeping things pink shows commitment to the cause. Fashion is embracing pink with open arms, with the colour completely dominating runways at this year’s Australian Fashion Week. Now, it’s time for your street style to match.

Nothing says comfort, and nothing says Barbie, like a coordinated pink tracksuit. Rollie Nation’s Barbie-inspired apparel collection features a pink hoodie and pink sweatpants, made of 100% cotton, giving you the pinnacle in cozy couture. Match with Rollie Nation’s Australian-designed, Portugal-made Barbie Bolster for the perfect, errand-running fit.

Barbiecore Tip #2: Pops of Colour Can Make the Look

rollie barbie bolster

Not all of us are interested in grabbing attention in our streetwear. All hot pink is a look, but it’s not a look for everyone. So dressing in more neutral tones, or even donning an all-black fit, but sneaking in a bright pop of colour can still help you live out the Barbieland fantasy.

Rollie Nation’s new line features a range of pieces in oatmeal, black and white that are great for a toned-down look. Along with the oatmeal-coloured hoodies, you can also throw on the black Rollie Nation x Barbie tee with some bike shorts or tights, and give that explosion of colour with the Rollie Nation x Barbie bright pink socks. Iconic and effortless — that’s the Barbie way.

But don’t think Barbiecore is a gender-exclusive lifestyle — Rollie Nation has made sure it’s accessible for everyone. They have a sharp men’s range as well, meaning even Kens can embrace their inner Barbie (or Barbies can help dress up their Kens).

Barbiecore Tip #3: Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

rollie barbie scarf

Barbie can do anything, we know this, but that also means she’s got to be ready for everything. Living your Barbie fantasy comfortably can also mean wearing an outfit that you can take from day to night with nothing more than a few little switch-ups. You’ve got plenty of jobs to do, so take the stress out of your outfit by rocking one that can do it all.

The Rollie Nation x Barbie sweatpant (in either pink or oatmeal) paired with the white Rollie Nation x Barbie tee gives you a great foundation to build on. You can run errands with your bolster sneaker and top it off with the Rollie Nation x Barbie cap.

If you want to dress the look up, swap the Bolsters for the Barbie Chelsea Utility Boot, complete with finished touches of bright pink, and ditch the cap for the Rollie Nation x Barbie Scarf. Whether you wear the scarf around your neck, in your hair, or add it as a delicate touch to your bag, is up to you.

Whatever your style, you can rely on Rollie Nation‘s new range to keep you comfortable while exploring the fun and fantasy that Barbiecore has to offer. Head to Rollie Nation‘s website now to browse the entire collection.

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