Finally, Fashion Found the H-Spot: A Cut-Out That Works for Any Body Type

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As a plus-size model (and fashion-crazed human), I was initially pretty bummed out that cut-outs were coming back. Cut-outs are for skinny b*tches, I thought. But that wasn’t true.

Much like low-rise jeans, I’d only ever seen cut-outs on super thin, athletic or extremely toned bodies. I didn’t have an image of a curvy girl wearing cut-outs, because there wasn’t one. Growing up in the world of fashion that only celebrated one “ideal” body type, having style references that represent you is half the battle.

Slowly, we’ve been seeing diverse bodies emerge in fashion spaces, both on the runway and in online advertising. However, many brands are still shying away from showing multiple body types in the same style. How are we to find the confidence to wear styles that have only been shown on body types that don’t look like us?

In my opinion, it’s up to fashion to educate us on how to dress in ways that suit the clothes, as well as our body types.

Which is why we’re super obsessed with the latest cut-out trend: the h-spot.

That’s not its official name, but it’s cute. The h-spot just refers to hip cut-outs, however, they’re definitely a sweet spot when it comes to size inclusivity. As a cut-out that is oozing with sex appeal but is also really suited to curves, it’s a big YES from me.

“Hip cut-outs have gained popularity because they offer a touch of cheekiness without being too revealing,” Creative Director of Australian brand Friend of Audrey, Toni He, tells POPSUGAR Australia. “Additionally, a subtle cut-out at the waist can be incredibly flattering.”

The first drop of a Friend of Audrey’s AW ’23 collection features a dress with the h-spot exposed. It’s one of many recent collections that reveal the h-spot through differing cut-out shapes and sizes.

If it’s sounding a little scary to you — to expose your hips through cut-outs — don’t worry, same.

However, by exposing the hips and cinching in at the waist, highlighting the h-spot is a cut-out that can work for a diverse array of body types. It works to show off the curves of the body in a way that celebrates them, instead of merely exposing them.

Hip cut-outs also allow for freedom when it comes to placement. The h-spot could reveal a lot of the hips, opting for a more daring look.

Or, it could be much smaller and highlight the top of the hip, just under the waistband.

With lots of room to work with, the h-spot cut-out can vary and be more inclusive depending on its design.

“The impact of a cut-out design on a garment varies based on its size and placement,” she says. “At our brand, we take pride in highlighting a woman’s natural curves by strategically placing petite cut-outs at the smallest part of the waist. This approach ensures that our designs flatter all body shapes and sizes, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.”

While some designs are certainly more versatile than others, hip cut-outs are generally something that can be suited to every body type. So, if you’re curvy and you love to take fashion risks, we’ve got five pieces that reveal your h-spot in different ways. Scroll down, to shop.

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