POP or FLOP: G Flip Makes a Case For the Return of Fedoras

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Say hello to POP or FLOP, where your favourite celebrities dish on fashion’s most controversial looks! In this series, POPSUGAR Australia will be talking with icons in entertainment and lifestyle to find out their style opinions. We want to dig deeper into their fashion mentality and hear from them about what’s making a comeback. For real and raw reactions from your fave big names, keep up to date with POP or FLOP on POPSUGAR Australia’s Instagram and TikTok.

It’s G Flip’s world, and we’re just living in it. The Australian drummer and vocalist is undeniably an Aussie icon, not just as a non-binary musician, but in fashion, too. Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, they said that their fashion choices usually evolve out of a desire for comfort, but there’s no doubting that G Flip’s aesthetic is also fashion-forward.

As part of our POP or FLOP series, we had the opportunity to speak with G Flip about their style and fashion opinions, ahead of their performance at Pepsi’s ‘Pulse’ Collection launch. The evening was set to combine three Australian icons — up-and-coming designer Jackson Cowden, G Flip and the Sydney Opera House — for Pepsi’s brand refresh. There’s no better time to chat about fashion than hours before a catwalk begins!

From fedoras to UGGs as outside shoes, we spoke to G Flip about a number of controversial fashion trends, and asked them to declare whether they were a POP or a FLOP — and why. Without further ado, let’s get into G Flip’s style opinions.

POP or FLOP: G Flip Edition

Taking a look back at your fashion moments, which are your favourites?

To be completely honest, my fashion sense — I just wake up in the morning and think “What will I feel comfy in today?” When I perform, because I drum so much, I hate having sleeves, anything on my arms. I don’t like the feeling of drumming and my arms having more weight to them.

I like having singlets or, what do you call them? Tank tops! I love tank tops.

My style’s pretty relaxed, and I don’t think about it too much to be honest. I probably should think about it more — ’cause people take photos of me, so I should probably try a bit harder. I don’t know, I just like being comfy. Comfy’s so good.

G Flip style pepsi pulse collection
Image: Pepsi

POP or FLOP: Jorts?

G Flip’s verdict: POP

Aw, absolute POP. I think I wear jorts. Wait what does jorts stand for? (We tell G Flip that jorts are jean shorts)

Oh yeah, what? F**k yeah. Why? Isn’t everyone wearing jorts? Do they come and go? I’m massive into a jort. 

I’m a masc lesbian, I love jorts.

POP or FLOP: The Fedora?

G Flip’s verdict: PLOP

Kelly rowland fedora
Image: Getty Images

I think the fedora should come back. It’s got to soon — that Ne-Yo vibe.

I think it’s going to come back at some point. I’m probably not going to be the one to bring it back, but maybe — I don’t know… If you guys want to give it a try, that’d be cool.

I reckon that’s a PLOP because it’s on its way and I can’t wait. I’m into it.

POP or FLOP: Ties Without Suits?

G Flip’s verdict: POP

Ooooh. You know what, one of my best mates Lauren Sanderson in my music video for “GAY 4 Me” wore a tie without a blazer. So I’m gonna say POP, because anything Lauren does I’m down with.

POP or FLOP: Big Belts?

G Flip’s verdict: FLOP

kim kardashian big belts
Image: Getty Images

I might put a FLOP to this one because it can’t be comfy. That’s like your whole tummy. It looks like wrestling — Wrestlemania…

Okay, POP to Wrestlemania belts. FLOP to that! There you go.

Only a giant belt if it’s for Smackdown!

POP or FLOP: UGG Boots As Outside Shoes?

G Flip’s verdict: POP

jennifer lawrence ugg boots
Getty Images

100% yes! Absolute POP. Ugg boots as outside shoes. Two days ago, I got two pairs of UGGs — some slip on ones. I can’t wait to wear them on tour. They’re comfy as. Is that Jennifer Lawrence? Hells yeah! Rocking the UGGs. I’m down.

POP or FLOP: Massive Sunglasses?

G Flip’s verdict: PLOP

Paris hilton big sunglasses
Image: Getty Images

Oooooh! I think this one it depends on the style, ’cause some of them can be a bit feral, while some of them can be IT. That is a combination, so it’s a PLOP.

Will G Flip single-handedly bring back the fedora? Or take inspiration from the Pepsi ‘Pulse’ Collection’s futuristic style? We’ll have to keep an eye on their style.

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