The Unexpected and Sexy Way Hailey Bieber Likes to Wear Jewellery

Hailey Bieber is continuing her role as global ambassador for Superga, an iconic Italian sneaker brand, and given her dream laid-back Cali-girl style, it’s not surprising.

Hailey hardly ever takes a wrong step when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s on the red carpet, on the street, at an event or just living her daily life on social media, her fashion choices are classy, poised and fashion-forward, all with an enviable effortlessness.

“Sneakers are my happy place,” Hailey says, and we know it to be true.

But what about her accessories?

Hailey’s quintessential look, is a slick back bun, with gold jewellery (commonly hoops), some necklaces and other dainty pieces. She never makes jewellery the focus of her look, which is what adds to the effortless high-fashion that we know her for.

Often, we think about accessorising more than we think about the clothes or vice-versa, but it’s good to get into the habit of thinking about how all the elements of your get-up, work together.

Hailey chooses her jewellery pieces carefully, she chooses pieces she loves and that go with her style seamlessly. She sees jewellery as an outfit-enhancer, they add a wow factor, the difference between doing a double take, and walking on by.

“I just love playing with jewellery,” Hailey said during her latest Superga shoot, where she discussed her personal style. “I think an anklet is somewhat unexpected and sexy. It is just a little something extra to add to any look.”

Her love for classic style shines through every outfit she puts together, and makes sense as her role of global ambassador for Superga.

Hailey looking cute in the latest Superga campaign. Photo: Supplied.

Superga was actually founded in 1911 and originally made tennis shoes, including the famous model “2750 Classic”. They brought tennis shoes to fashion, so you have them to thank for the beautiful European men, roaming around the coast in their sleek lace-up sneakers that accentuate their tan.

Bringing that history and beautiful quality into effortless fashion for an international audience is pretty special, and we have Hailey to thank for bringing it to life.

Hailey stars in the Italian footwear brand’s new campaign launching on 13 August, created by an all-female team at the Tennis and Riding Club in Malibu this May.

The campaign was shot by former painter, illustrator and animal rights activist Zoey Grossman (who recently photographed Kendall Jenner for the cover of VOGUE Hong Kong) and was styled by New-York based stylist and fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

The images feature Hailey in classic denim, chic neutrals and an all-white look with a beach backdrop and studio shots showcasing much-loved styles from the Superga collection as well as new sneakers and boots introduced for this season.

You can check out Superga’s new range here.

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