This Is How I Choose Clothes to Make Me Feel Confident (and You Can Too)

Growing up, my mum taught me the power an amazing outfit can have on you and those around you. “Dress as the person you want to be for the day,” she’d always tell me.

On days when I’m convinced I can’t find anything to wear, or I catch myself feeling afraid of what other people might think, those words come to mind — like a gentle reminder — that the clothes I put on my body are important. Not only do they make me who I am and exude the energy I want to put out in the world, but they also help me do it all with confidence.

Research from body positive fashion platform Mys Tyler shows that 89% of women say their confidence is improved by wearing an outfit they feel good in. You might think that investing in clothes you love and putting energy, care and effort into your outfits is superficial — but it’s actually a form of self-care.

Just think back to a moment in time when you felt sexy and powerful. What were you wearing? I can almost guarantee that whatever it was made you feel like you. You had that confident skip in your step; strutting down the street ready to seize the day (or night) feeling yourself. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to feel that every day?

You totally can.

Here’s how I use fashion to help me to be the most confident version of myself — and how you can, too.

I Dress For My Body

A big part of dressing to make you feel confident is dressing for your body; not against it. it. Sometimes, we might feel a little extra sluggish. Perhaps we’ve been sick, or we’ve done less exercise for a few weeks. If either of those are the case, find something loose and flowy; that you feel comfortable in. Something like The Wolf Gang’s Marrakesh Cut Out Dress ($299) will make you feel slinky and soft, while still celebrating your body.

Alternatively, if you’re going through a moment with your body where you feel super confident in it and you want to get it out, go for something more fitted. This Lover Jemima Cut Out Dress ($260) is figure-hugging and interesting, while still being understated.

Dressing for your body means really listening to it and getting in tune with where it’s at. Once you can figure that out, you’ll know what you feel most comfortable in; and that will make you feel confident.

I Let My Mood Decide

Sometimes I’ll plan an outfit the night before and lay it out on the couch, ready to go for the next day. But then I’ll wake up in the morning and not feel like wearing it. So I don’t.

Similar to choosing what you feel like for dinner, look at the options you have in your wardrobe and let your heart decide. If you can imagine yourself wearing it that day, then it isn’t right. And, if it isn’t clear by simply looking, start trying things on until something feels right. Try not to be critical of how you look physically and just focus on how you feel.

The other day I really wanted to wear this cute M.N.G Canoli Sweater ($79.95) but when I put it on, I realised I didn’t want to wear a turtleneck. I was having a bit of an anxious morning, and fabric around my neck made me feel claustrophobic. If I’d worn the turtleneck that day, I wouldn’t have felt confident. Instead, I wore this Atmos&Here Becca Bodysuit ($49.95) and felt much more ready to slay the day.

I Don’t Label My Style

I think we often feel as though we need to define our style. When we go on social media, we see fashionable people and often have a specific “look” or “brand” that is consistent, and it can make us feel pressured to find one of our own.

Everyone is different but for me, I find it helpful not to label my style. Some days, I want to be the Italian goddess in a vintage dress and red lipstick. Other days, I want to release my inner skater girl, but make her more refined and chic. Don’t limit yourself to only one style, because it can become an unrealistic and inauthentic facade to uphold.

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