My Friends Helped Me Virtually Clean Out My Closet, and Man, Was It Productive

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The POPSUGAR Fashion team has been trying to find productive ways to acknowledge our closets and the fashion industry as a whole during the lockdown. Whether it’s using clothes to boost our mood or reporting on the work-from-home #OOTDs we wish we were wearing, we haven’t gone cold turkey and tuned out our sense of style. In trying to brainstorm activities, I thought of the scene in Sex and the City where Carrie cleans out her closet in preparation of her move-in with Big. Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda come over with a bottle of Champagne as Carrie puts on a little fashion show, begging the question with each of her looks: toss or keep?

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While I could have cleaned out my closet all by my lonesome, I figured I’d get the team involved and stage a similar scenario over video chat, minus the Champagne and plus the cold brew. It turned out to be really easy: I got dressed in the pieces I was considering getting rid of and asked Director of Fashion and Shop Hannah, Style Director Dana, and fellow Fashion Editor Laura to write “toss” and “keep” on either side of a piece of paper. I really appreciated that they were all down to dive into details with me, elaborating on the reasons they suggested I donate an item or hang on to it a little longer. They even offered me ideas for how to repurpose my looks.

I’m sure you’ve got a group of friends with some time on their hands who’d do the same for you. Scroll through to see how my own experiment played out, then get in on the fun and clean out your own digs.

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