This Fashion Blogger Gives Us 5 Tips to Finding Amazing Op Shop Pieces Amongst the Clutter

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Fashion blogger and influencer Tina Abeysekara (@trashtotreasured) has always been a huge fan of op shopping. She loves the feeling of getting a one-of-a-kind piece for an affordable price.

“My mantra is all about picking well and styling often, and with secondhand shopping, I am able to find some one-of-a-kind pieces that are long-lasting all the while promoting sustainable fashion,” she tells POPSUGAR AU.

“The fashion industry has a considerable impact on our environment and so shopping sustainably is vital to the future of fashion.

“It breaks away from the trend of fast-fashion and a throwaway culture that has emerged in recent years by focusing more on quality rather than trends.”

With her favourite op shop item being a vintage Chanel handbag she found in a thrift store is Osaka, Japan — it’s still her first and only designer item! — we thought she’d be the perfect person to give us some thrifting tips.

These are Tina’s top five tips for going op shopping:

Spend Your Time and Go Exploring

“You can’t go properly op shopping with a time constraint. Some of the best op shops are loaded with stuff, and you need time and patience to sift through the trash, in order to find the treasure. It also makes finding unique gems way more rewarding, when you’re willing to take your time and it’s worth it.

“Preloved stores and sites like Poshmark are a gold mine of pre-loved clothing and you can find some true gems by digging right to the edges of someone’s posh closet — you might even find some designer items for a dime!”

Take a Friend With You

“Shopping in numbers is always a good idea but especially when shopping secondhand. Sometimes, your friends know you better than you know yourself.”

IDK about you, but I’ve definitely had moments where my friends have picked something out for me I would never have picked out for myself — and it becomes one of my most beloved pieces!

“Shopping with a trusted friend or sharing your finds can help you seek out the best items and receive advice when you’re contemplating a purchase.”

Think Outside the Box

“Second-hand stores and sites are treasure troves just waiting to be discovered and thrifting offers you the opportunity to get creative — so think outside the box!”

You might find a garment that you never envisioned yourself wearing but love nonetheless, or you could learn how to DIY some of your own simple alterations, such as shortening or lengthening the hem, adding buttons or fun brooches, or even painting on certain materials. YouTube is totally full to the brim of easy alteration videos and inspiration.

Plan Ahead

“It can be easy to get overwhelmed and sidetracked by the sheer volume of choices presented to you at an op shop.”

Plus, there are so many, you may as well make a day of it! Plan a few stops you’d like to make and have a rough plan of what you’re hoping to find when thrifting, so that you can have the most successful shopping trip possible.

Dress For It

“Op shopping often requires a lot of visits to the fitting room—more than when you’re shopping in retail stores. Like everything, it’s always better to try before you buy, especially if the style isn’t usually something that you’d go for. That being said, make sure you wear clothing you can pull on and off so you’re able to try things on easily.”

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