I’m an Obsessive Shopper – Here’s What Happened When I Quit For a Month

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For most, the start of spring means finally emerging out of hibernation and once again taking advantage of outdoor activities. For me, it means my seasonal closet clean-out, aka my favorite time of year. As I stared at my closet during my satisfying purge, I realized I have very few items to actually get rid of, contrary to the usual – which is great for my future outfits, unfortunate for my burning desire to make more space in my closet. But things are different this year thanks to my version of dry January: no-shop January.

While most people were cleansing their bodies from alcohol, I was cleansing my bank account (and my closet) of unnecessary, impulsive purchases. I know I can’t be the only one who walks into a Zara store and just completely blacks out, only to be revived by a purchase notification from my credit card that I wish were fraud. So in order to save money, and also because my closet literally had no room left, I embarked on no-shop January.

In theory, not shopping for 30 days seems easy. But for a fashion obsessive like myself, waiting to purchase the seemingly perfect item was a little hard to pass up. Like most habits, the first few weeks proved the most difficult. But the shift in behavior surprisingly had a lasting impact, including learning how to smartly spend instead of entirely restricting or buying everything I lay eyes on.

Ahead, check out some of the biggest takeaways from a month of not shopping, from a self-diagnosed shopaholic.

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