15 Outfit Ideas to Style Crocs Like a Pro

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Though Crocs are a decidedly questionable trend, they are, indeed, a trend on the rise. Now that Crocs are widely embraced by celebrities and high-fashion runways alike, the rubber slip-on shoes you thought would be a quickly passing fad have embedded themselves deep into the fashion lexicon. They feature a soft rubber exterior, open holes at the top, and a sling back that you can flip forward or back. Initially crafted as a boat shoe in the early aughts, next to Birkenstocks, they have quickly become the comfortable, functional, and somewhat polarizing pair of kicks incorporated into stylish wardrobes all over the world.

The Crocs brand has collaborated with designers such as Christopher Kane and Balenciaga, as well as celebrities like Justin Bieber, taking the gardening shoe into the style sphere with a vengeance. Seen worn by the likes of Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande, Questlove one-upped his fellow A-listers by taking them to the red carpet at the 2021 Oscars, choosing to wear a gold pair with his classic black suit.

In short, Crocs have continued to be embraced by the fashion set, so it may just be time for you to hop on the Crocs bandwagon too. But whether you are a huge fan or still a skeptical onlooker, the question still remains: how exactly do you wear them to gain style points? They’re oversize, colorful, and head-turning on their own. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be the main event of your every outfit. In fact, street style stars, celebrities, and designers alike have taken to pairing Crocs with everything from sweatsuits to evening dresses, and all that falls between.

Ahead, find our favorite instances of Crocs in the wild, gleaning styling tips and inspiration for how to wear the Crocs with your own wardrobe this season and beyond.

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