Denim Diaries: How To Style Denim from Work to The Weekend


Denim lovers, rejoice! The ever-versatile fabric we adore is here to take you from the nine-to-five hustle to the weekend unwind. In this Denim Diaries, we’re spilling the beans on how to slay your denim game without breaking the bank, all while keeping it chic and fashionable.

Let’s dive into the magic of elevating your denim look and the art of mix-and-match — all without splurging.

Building a Versatile Denim Collection

We get it, budget is key. So, embrace your inner fashionista and rock your denim on a dime. Opt for classic, low-priced denim that’ll work just as hard as you do.

Look for great-value, well fitted jeans, a cute denim skirt, or, better yet, the iconic “mum jeans”.

A midi skirt is an essential addition to your trans-seasonal wardrobe when going from day to night. Try pairing it with loafers for office hours, and then elevate your look with a heeled boot for wherever you’re headed next. While mum jeans are both comfy and flattering in the way they highlight your natural curves — we love the range from Kmart. Pair these with a classic white t-shirt and blazer for the office, and don’t forget to throw a strappy pair of heels in your bag to take you out into the evening.

denim styling

Remember, dark washes and clean cuts give you that professional edge, while lighter washes or distressed styles keep it chill for your weekend outings. Find your affordable denim essentials and make them your go-to staples for any event.

Elevating Your Denim Look

Accessories and jewellery are the secret sauce to transforming your denim look. For the office, add a dash of sophistication with statement jewellery, a sleek belt, and a polished tote. These wallet-friendly additions give your denim that boardroom-ready charm. When the weekend rolls around, swap them for playful accessories like a colourful scarf, a crossbody bag, and an arm party of bracelets. It’s unbelievable how affordable accessories can completely change your denim ensemble’s vibe.

Layer It Up

Layers can turn your denim from corporate queen to weekend warrior with just a few swaps. To ace your office attire, layer a denim jacket over a tailored blouse and pants, or throw on a low-priced blazer for that smart-casual swagger. When it’s time for play, drape your denim jeans with a cozy sweater and this denim shirt we love from Kmart for that effortlessly chic double-denim look. Layering adds depth, dimension, and a touch of low-priced brilliance to your denim game.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The right pair of shoes can elevate your denim outfit. For a boardroom-ready look, opt for affordable heels or sleek loafers that bring both style and comfort. When the weekend is in sight, go for low-priced sneakers or sturdy boots, perfect for those casual adventures. And let’s not forget about a staple black, strappy heel for later. Great-value footwear is the cherry on top, completing your denim ensemble with finesse.

The Art of Mix-and-Match

Now, let’s have some fun with your new denim collection! Mixing and matching is like creating a style puzzle where you get to be the artist. Pair denim jackets with those perfectly tailored skirts, team up jeans with some playfully patterned blouses, or have denim shirts dance with those vibrantly printed skirts. It’s like a stylish game of Tetris, and you’re winning! This low-cost magic lets you curate a range of effortlessly chic outfits that can seamlessly transition from your nine-to-five routine to those exciting weekend escapades.

So, think of your low-priced denim as your style playground — where the only limit is your creativity.

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