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Actor and model Jodie Turner-Smith toasted COS‘s fall collection in LA last night with her husband, Joshua Jackson, by her side. The small soirée showcased COS’s largely gender-neutral fall offerings – think wide-leg trousers, textured shearling, and cashmere sweaters – so we asked Jodie if she ever borrows from Joshua’s closet. “Oh, yeah,” she said, laughing. “Especially T-shirts. You know, he’s a guy – when he gets a hole in his shirt or something, he’ll just keep wearing them. And I’m like, ‘No no no, there’s a hole in it? It’s mine.'”

Jodie, who currently graces the cover of Vogue Brazil, wore an oversize, vibrant blue sweatshirt and combat boots to the event. She caught up with a steady stream of friends at the small party at LA’s San Vicente Bungalows, including musician and actor Soko and activist and speaker Janaya Khan.

While Jodie has made a name for herself with her bold approach to red carpet fashion, she also told us she’s not above throwing on whatever she can grab on busy mornings.

“I’m a mum. Sometimes I get out of bed and I just have to go and get something real quick and I don’t have time to put an outfit together,” she said. “Because what I wear is so much about how I feel, you know? And sometimes I feel like being cozy in sweatpants.”

Soko, who wore a pair of COS trousers and an exaggerated-collar shirt under a cashmere sweater, echoed Jodie’s approach to dressing for the particular moment. “I haven’t been on stage in a long time, so I feel like the places I get to dress up right now are fashion events and photo shoots. And that’s still being a character, and getting out of my sweatpants,” she said. “Comfy-cozy [are] my kid’s favorite words together. He’s like, ‘Mummy, can we get comfy-cozy?’ Everything with me and Indigo is comfy-cozy. So is our style.”

Later, we caught up with Janaya, who wore a shacket from the new COS collection with Gucci shades. They reflected on the joy of finding a piece of clothing that feels just right for you and on the wrongheaded idea that activism and a love of fashion are somehow mutually exclusive. “If we know at the heart of activism is the pursuit of a kind of joy, of a creative liberation, it is for everyone else in the world – but it’s also our personal one, too,” Kahn said.

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