The Thought of Walking in Julia Fox’s Pelvic-Cutout Dress Makes Me Sweat

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At this point, when I see Julia Fox step out in a new look, I can’t help but pause to imagine myself wearing it. Be it a thin strip of fabric masquerading as a skirt or duct tape that functions as a bra, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around some of her outfits. The 33-year-old “Uncut Gems” star, who works with stylist Briana Andalore on sourcing her statement-making looks, turned a wardrobe malfunction into a major fashion moment at an Oct. 25 event.

Fox attended Room To Grow’s 25th anniversary gala at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City in a Mowalola scarlet-red “half-dress” made of crinkled leather. While the skintight bodice fit like a tank, the dress seemed quite restrictive due to bands that wrapped around her legs, broken up by cutout panels. Because the strips of her skirt were so thin, it was easy to make out her entire nude thong as she carefully attempted to head into the event. And the second cutout offered a clear view of her pelvic area, making <a href="
%0A″ target=”_blank” class=”ga-track” data-ga-category=”internal click” data-ga-label=”″ data-ga-action=”body text link”>butt cutouts, boob windows, and ab-revealing panels feel almost demure by comparison.

In most photos at the step-and-repeat, the “Down the Drain” author had to stand with her legs crossed at the ankles to avoid a wardrobe mishap (a bonus, though, is that she got to display her matching Prada pumps in the process). Fox’s ombré locks, which have been dyed varying tones of red over the past few months, cascaded in thick curls over her left shoulder thanks to a side part. She flaunted a glossy, plum lip, plenty of highlighter, translucent nails, and a single star-shaped earring in the ear that was visible.

Needless to say, I’d imagine an activity as simple as walking feels taxing in Fox’s dress, so posing for cameras would be completely out of the question for me. As we’ve seen though, there’s no out-of-the-box trend that Fox will shy away from, even if it literally defies gravity.

Scroll to see all angles of Fox in her red cutout dress at the Room To Grow gala in New York City.

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