As a Model, Here’s How I Prepare For the Runway


Walking down the runway may look like a piece of cake, but there’s so much prep you need to do. Not only to make you look your best, like hair and makeup and choreography, but also so you feel good on the inside and like your best self out there strutting your stuff.

Having walked my fair share of runways, I’ve formulated a bit of a routine for myself; a checklist of things I do that give me the energy I need to feel confident and do my job well.

As a model, here’s what I do to prepare for the runway.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It’s so important to get good night’s sleep leading up to a runway. Usually, runway days are super long and you’re on your feet all day — in heels! There are initial rehearsals, sometimes choreography, dress rehearsals, hair and makeup and then often multiple shows, so you can looking at 6-12 hour working days (again, in heels!). Not only is sleep vital so you look your best, but it also helps you feel your best in a high-pressure environment. I try to get a minimum of eight hours sleep for the three nights leading up to show day.

Prep My Skin

Everyone has their own skincare routine, but the day before a runway show, it’s time to up the ante. The night before, after my usual cleanser (I use Biologi’s BC Refresh Cleanser, it’s the best), I do a clay mask, just to get rid of any unwanted oils and toxins. Then I’ll do a fine scrub, and finally, a toner and night cream. This gets my skin literally ready for anything! It’s super important to make sure your skin is clean and primed before runway day, as runway makeup is always on the heavier side to accommodate for the bright lights.

Apply a Cold Therapy Mask

Something I’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with is Charlotte Tilbury’s Cryo Recovery Mask. Basically, it’s made with cooling metal beads, that target acupressure points above the brows and help relieve tension in your face. I find that it’s so relaxing and refreshing the morning of a runway. It gives me a more lifted appearance and refreshed complexion by using cold therapy, and honestly, it works a treat.

Eat the Right Food

Okay, firstly, it’s so important to eat well the day before and morning of a show. You need your energy! But it’s also really important to eat healthy foods that aren’t going to upset your tum or skin the day before. My go-to is a chicken and tofu pho for dinner, a green juice and lemon water in the morning and a poached egg on toast. YUM.

Practice Meditation

Your head needs to be in the right place before a runway show, too. Just like with any other performance, you always do your best when you’re feeling good from the inside out, and I find that meditation really helps me with that. I go to sleep the night before to a sleep meditation, wake up and do a gratitude meditation and will also sneak out for five mins throughout the day of a runway to meditate if need be. I’d recommend downloading the Calm app, as they have amazing short meditations and guide you through each step.

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