Everything to Know About the Wedding Dresses on “Love Is Blind”

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The wedding episodes of “Love Is Blind” are always filled with drama, but before the couples say “I do” – or, err, “I do not” – we’re treated to scenes of everyone getting ready. As the maybe-brides-to-be slip into their gorgeous gowns, we often wonder about all the details that go on behind the scenes. Do the “Love Is Blind” contestants have to pay for their own wedding dresses? How much say do they have in what they get to wear?

Of course, we’re not totally in the dark when it comes to the clothing on the show. In every season of “Love Is Blind,” the women gather at a bridal shop and try on wedding dresses in front of each other. Some come out of the dressing room and claim they’ve found the one, while others end up switching things up prior to walking down the aisle (for example, season four’s Tiffany Pennywell did not end up wearing her original pick).

We’ve also seen “Love Is Blind” contestants arrive at their weddings in eerily similar designs, making us wonder if there’s a limit to what they can wear. In season three, Zanab Jaffrey and Nancy Rodriguez both chose West gowns from Hayley Paige, although details such as the necklines were slightly different.

We know that production pays for the “Love Is Blind” engagement rings (unless someone brings their own), and according to Kinetic Content, which produces the series, the contestants are able to choose from dozens of options before popping the question. So, is the process similar when it comes to the wedding gowns from the Netflix hit? Well, yes and no.

Here’s everything to know about the “Love Is Blind” wedding dresses.

Where do the “Love Is Blind” Wedding Dresses Come From?

Each season, the “Love Is Blind” contestants can be seen trying on a selection of dresses from local bridal shops. In season one, the women chose their gowns from CTO Bridal in Atlanta. In season two, most contestants got their dresses from Chicago’s Genevieve’s Bridal Couture, save for Deepti, who wore a traditional lehenga from Studio East6. A&Bé Bridal Shop‘s Dallas and Seattle locations provided the wedding dresses for seasons three and four, respectively, and according to a representative from Kinetic Content, “Love Is Blind” season five’s wedding dresses came from Brickhouse Bridal in Houston.

Are the “Love Is Blind” Wedding Dresses Different or All the Same?

While some contestants may opt for similar details – beading, puff sleeves, a sleek sheath design, etc. – the wedding dresses on “Love Is Blind” are not the same. The women on the show have worn designs from a variety of different brands, including Wtoo, Made With Love Bridal, Calla Blanche, Hayley Paige, Alyssa Kristin, and Martina Liana.

Can the “Love Is Blind” Contestants Choose Their Wedding Dress Designer?

The “Love Is Blind” contestants can choose their wedding dress designer – but there are some limits. On TikTok, A&Bé shed some light on the process, explaining that many of the dresses worn by contestants were off-the-rack samples, although some designers did allow them to pull stock options. Some key factors that come into play are if that bridal shop stocks a particular brand or designer and the turnaround time. According to A&Bé, everything had to happen “in about a week,” including alterations, which means there wasn’t a lot of time to be too picky.

Still, just because there are some constraints in the process doesn’t mean the ladies don’t love what they wear. In additional videos, A&Bé shared that for season four, Bliss Poureetezadi gave them some inspiration for what she was looking for ahead of time, while Micah Lussier had her exact dress on her Pinterest board.

Are the “Love Is Blind” Wedding Dresses Paid For?

A representative from Kinetic Content tells POPSUGAR that all the dresses from “Love Is Blind” season five were paid for by production. That’s nothing new – they’ve been paying for the weddings and wedding attire since the beginning of the show. While season one’s Amber Pike did initially express concern about the cost of her gown’s alterations, she later clarified via Instagram that “the weddings were 100% paid for by the show.”

However, there is a budget. A “Love Is Blind” representative told Women’s Health, “Of course production supplies some of the basics, but because these are their real weddings, it’s up to them as to how to spend their money.” Having to divide up funds to pay for the full event may explain why some brides opt for simpler wedding dresses and why no one’s walking down the aisle in, say, Dior.

Ahead, take a look at wedding dresses from past “Love Is Blind” seasons.

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