Fans Aren’t Feeling the New “Mean Girls” Wardrobe So, This Is How We Would’ve Styled the Cast

mean girls outfits renee rapp
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“Mean Girls” 2024 has officially hit cinemas around the globe, and let’s just say that the reviews are a mixed bag of praise, criticism and of course, an undying love for Reneé Rapp. Of the reactions shared to social media, there’s been a consistent comment about the styling choices for ‘The Plastics’ and Cady Heron. Some said it wasn’t what they imagined, while others made suggestions about how they would’ve done it. So, yes, we’re jumping on the bandwagon to recreate the “Mean Girls” reboot’s most iconic outfits for Regina, Karen, Gretchen and Cady.

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The Y2K fashion moments served up by the 2004 “Mean Girls” were, and are, unforgettable. However, giving such a culturally significant film a reboot for a new generation means that the new film’s susceptibility to comparison skyrockets. For anyone planning to see the new “Mean Girls”, it’s important to remember the context. This version is set in the 2020s, an era that’s openly more body positive, social media reliant and focused on standing out.

With this sentiment and the influences of the original film in mind, read on for our reimagined “Mean Girls” outfits.

“Mean Girls” 2024 Outfits Reimagined

Cady Heron (Angourie Rice’s Version)

cady heron angourie rice
Jojo Whilden/Paramount

Kicking off our new “Mean Girls” outfits — Angourie Rice’s Cady Heron needed a more drastic transformation that moved her from socially shy transfer student to Regina George rival. This outfit feels very IT girl but the wearer still feels approachable. Trendy and comfy, the heels aren’t as tall as her predecessor’s, but she’ll be taller than she was in her beater sneakers.

The details

Regina George (Reneé Rapp’s Version)

Regina george renee rapp outfit
Jojo Whilden/Paramount

Using looks that already work for Reneé Rapp — blazers and boxy jackets — we’ve pulled together a loud luxury look that we think Regina George would rule the school in. She needs to look expensive and ready to conquer. So, the outfit combines brands loved by Gen Z, like Meshki, and some trendy designer items, like the Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings.

The details

Gretchen Wieners (Bebe Wood’s Version)

bebe wood gretchen weiners mean girls
Jojo Whilden/Paramount

We’re going for off duty model vibes for Gretchen Wiener’s outfit recreation. Bebe Wood’s style is more experimental than most so it would make sense to have her in pieces that are timeless but also experimental. The bag choice from Marni Market reminds us of the skirt worn by Lacey Chabert in the 2004 “Mean Girls”.

The details

Karen Shetty (Avantika’s Version)

avantika karen shetty
Jojo Whilden/Paramount

A mix of old and new Karen outfits, this ensemble for Avantika’s character elevates the skirt and top combo she wears on ‘pink Wednesday’. The textures of this outfit are sleek, with more room to incorporate the accessories and items that show off Karen’s personality.

The details

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