We Need to Discuss Megan Fox’s Outfits in the 2009 Movie Jennifer’s Body

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Ever since Megan Fox has been all over the news for her relationship with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly and her sexy outfits, I couldn’t help but think of the 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body. I vividly remember watching it when it first released, and I’m not saying the movie is a classic, but for some reason, Megan’s outfits are still seared into my brain years later. That must mean something, right? For that reason, I decided to take a trip down memory lane to revisit her character’s outfits from the movie, and I kind of didn’t hate it.

From a pink velour hoodie covered with hearts to a polo shirt styled with a cropped cardigan, Megan’s outfits are oh so 2000s. We’re talking denim miniskirts paired with puffer jackets, lace-up wedges, and heart-shaped pendants. Ahead, take a look back at some of Megan’s most memorable screen style moments from Jennifer’s Body ahead. You’ll get what I’m talking about even if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

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