Our Favourite Looks From MFW: On the Runway

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Surprise! Fashion month isn’t over. After a colourful and thought-provoking fashion week in London, New York, Paris and Milan — Melbourne Fashion Week kicked off yesterday.

With one runway and an opening night showcase down, fashion trends are already starting to emerge. Some we’re already well-acquainted with — such as our reinstated love for all shades of pink — while others add something new to our Spring/Summer expectations.

See below for our live gallery of fashion trends spotted on the runway, during Melbourne Fashion Week 2022.

We’ll be updating the gallery daily so that you get the absolute latest in MFW news!

Big Sleeves

The return of big sleeves is something we’re very happy about. Taking inspiration from the ’80s — but with less structure — the statement sleeve is officially back.

A look from Asiyam during the Urban Garden Runway (Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

These days, it’s hard to pinpoint an era of fashion inspiration. While we’re very clearly seeing Y2K fashion trends re-emerge, we’re also seeing elements of the ’70s and ’80s with these statement sleeves and the bright, retro colour palette.

The above top from new designer Asiyam, is a great combination of early ’00s and ’80s — with Y2K-style fabric and cut, and dramatic ’80s sleeves with a slight modern twist.

A look from Viceta Wang during the Urban Garden Runway. (Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

This look combines statement sleeves and a structured bodice, with pink — a shade we simply can’t ignore in 2022.


What more can we say about pink? It is the colour of the moment.

While green had its time in the limelight — don’t mind the colour pun! — pink seems to have raced ahead; taking fashion by storm since Valentino said so.

Design by Acler during the Urban Garden Runway at Wesley Place. (Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

The above oversized blazer dress from Acler gives a trendy exaggerated silhouette, but still creating structure and shape. It’s going for a lighter shade of baby pink, playing into that Y2K party-girl vibe; but 2022.

An Asiyam design at the Urban Garden Runway. (Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

These two looks from Asiyam are truly delicious. They’re extravagant and elegant, yet somehow still simple — and really play into the luxury that is this shade of pink.

A look from Asiyam at the Urban Garden Runway. (Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

Bold Prints

Maximalism isn’t going anywhere when it comes to prints. If anything, this summer is going to be our boldest yet.

Design by Asiyam during the Urban Garden Runway at Wesley Place. (Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

The above look from Asiyam is a really striking pattern, utilising different shades of blue, interjected with white. The pattern looks like maybe the most elegant shattered window we’ve ever seen?

A look from Gorman during the Urban Garden Runway. Photo: Sam Tabone/Getty Images

Gorman always pulls through with epic bold looks, and this season is no different. This two-piece is giving wandering around the cobbled streets of Havana, always ready to whip out a salsa move. Thoughts?

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