Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson Are the Quirky Style Duo We've Been Waiting For


Look, I’m happy for Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian – I really am, and I wish them nothing but happiness and plenty more Staten Island dates. But if they don’t happen to work out in the long run, I’m shipping Pete and Miley Cyrus. For one, they complement each other’s slightly chaotic and quirky energy so well, but beyond that, they’ve already got the whole coordinated style thing down to a science. Just check out their joint appearance on The Tonight Show for all the proof you need. While promoting their forthcoming New Year’s Eve special and talking about their matching tattoos, the duo wore subtly synchronised outfits that prove their friendship runs deep.

For the late-night interview, Miley seemingly played up her new Cruella-esque hairstyle by wearing a fuzzy white jacket the Disney villain would totally wear, plus a black cutout Saint Laurent jumpsuit and blue pumps. Meanwhile, Pete’s stylist, Britt Theodora, chose a colourful printed Casablanca jacket featuring – what else? – a dalmatian dog on the front. I’m not entirely sure if the coordination was intentional, but I’m inclined to say it wasn’t just a coincidence. Decide for yourself by zooming in on their looks ahead.

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