Simone Rocha’s Bejeweled Platform Crocs Know No Bounds

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On Sept. 17, Simone Rocha’s spring 2014 runway show debuted a collection of suspiciously familiar footwear bedazzled beyond all recognition: Crocs. The modest shoes – known primarily for their comfort and utter convenience – got a complete face-lift in honor of London Fashion Week, and we now need every single pair.

While still maintaining the integrity of the traditional Crocs, the new collaboration added black and white crystallized rims, delicate flower embellishments, and massive pearl beads for extra glamour. Rocha (literally) took the shoes to the next level with chunky platform soles and translucent resin material, essentially sending models down the runway in designer flatform Crocs. The typically casual, comfortable walking shoes accompanied dreamy sheer slips dotted with bows and decorated with ribbon, borderline bridal dresses, and a bright red satin set, speaking to one of the most prominent color trends on this season’s runways. Designer Rocha even stepped out to take her bow in a pair herself, styling her Crocs with a matching black button-down dress.

The flashy Crocs were impossible to miss, but they are already accustomed to the spotlight. Previously, the brand made headlines with Balenciaga’s polarizing heels, showing up again on the New York Fashion Week runway for Christian Cowan’s spring 2022 fashion show. They made yet another appearance at London Fashion Week in 2022 for Susan Fang’s debut show, complete with custom jibbitz and matte colorways.

At their core, Crocs are reliable and functional, staying true to their roots at all costs. It’s perhaps this same unyielding authenticity that garnered the attention of so many fashion houses, including trendy brands like MSCHF and Benefit Cosmetics. “I’m not surprised that Crocs have been picked up by the fashion industry,” Lucy Thornley, Crocs’s VP of global trends, design, and product, told Vogue back in June 2022. “There’s something about our product – the shape and the form – that really lends itself to fashion. And it’s only going to continue.”

Read on to see Crocs’s sparkliest runway sighting yet.

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