We ID’d Every ‘Stealth Wealth’ Fashion Moment From “Succession” So You Don’t Have To

Succession's best fashion looks

What is “stealth wealth”? Simply put: it’s a term coined to describe the style we see on HBO’s hit series “Succession.” Referring to the expensive but artfully bland and often un-ID-able clothing on the series, it’s a style of dressing that ranges from tastefully inconspicuous to slightly sloppy. Since 2018 when the Roy family and their Patek Phillipe watches hit our screens, ID’ing these pieces has become something of a sport for avid fans of the series, including this writer.

While there are plenty of generic corporate Ralph Lauren and Armani fits to be found on “Succession,” surprisingly few couture pieces can be found on this series about the one percent. Instead, some digging will uncover European luxury menswear labels you’ve never heard of, trendy pieces by Sandro, Alice and Olivia, up-and-coming designers, and plenty of frustrating one-off vintage moments.

Scroll on, for the best “Succession” looks ID’d.  

Siobhan Roy in Gabriela Hearst 

Siobhan Roy in Gabriela Hearst, Season 2
Shiv’s most iconic turtle-neck moment. Image Credit: HBO/BINGE

Siobhan Roy has had her sartorial ups and downs, but this Gabriela Hearst turtleneck, worn in season 2, episode 8 “Dundee”, showed her character in peak power dressing mode. This fits-like-a-glove wool-blend midi dress from designer Gabriela Hearst is business in the front, party in the back — much like the wearer.

We’ll be scanning Vestaire Collective for this item long after the series wraps.

Naomi Pierce in Black and White, Always 

Naomi Pierce wears Marina Moscone in Succession, Season 3
Keep it chiaroscuro. Image Credit: HBO/BINGE

Naomi Pierce, played by Anabelle Dexter-Jones, is member of the Pierce Global Media family. She’s also the on-again-off-again girlfriend of troubled second-child Kendall Roy. The two share a flair for fashion, and Naomi is often seen in full black-and-white looks. A fan favourite moment? Her Marina Moscone Patchwork Satin Bustier Top in season 3, episode 3 “The Disruption.” Standing at the eye of a media storm and at war with both the Roy family and her own family, Pierce is polished and ready for battle in this structured number. Her metalwear jewellery is also on point, and created by Dexter-Jones’ own mother, jeweller Ann Dexter-Jones. True nepo-baby style, we love to see it.

Comfry in Rotate Birger 

Comfry, Kendall Roy's PA wears Rotate Berger on Succession Season 3
Comfry, Comfreying Image Credit: HBO/Binge

Comfry, played by controversial podcaster Dasha Nekrova, is Kendall Roy’s long suffering PR and the crush of most dudes on the series. She’s tiny, she’s cute, and she’s perfected the art of dressing to blend into the background in the chicest way possible. This Rotate Birger velvet studded stretch dress is the pretty, evening corporate function-appropriate number for the job. It’s swishy and sweet, and the slight shoulder pads add just the right touch of “don’t mess with me or I’ll get your Twitter account suspended” energy. Flawless.

Kerry in Max Mara

Kerry, Logan’s PA, mistress, and Reddit-rumoured girlfriend, upset the apple cart in a big way for the siblings in season 3. It makes sense she did it in a stunning, blush-toned monochromatic Max Mara suit. Whatever her status on the show, consider us coloured-obsessed.

Kendall Roy in Loro Piana 

One of the sleeper fashion-achievers of the Roy family, Kendall Roy’s style is best when it’s toned down and tailored. It may have been one of his lowest moments in the series, but his outfit at his mother’s wedding was possibly his best look yet. Dressed head-to-toe in Lora Piana, a suitably Italian label for a wedding in Tuscany, Kendall served “don’t really want to be here, busy” vibes in the most stylish way possible. His chicest “headed for a downfall” moment yet. We hope he can steer clear of Gucci and stick with the classics this season.

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