Every Look Taylor Swift Has Sparkled In on Her Eras Tour So Far


Taylor Swift kicked off her “Eras” era on Friday, March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, and she be out there goddamn sparklin’. The tour celebrates Swift in all her eras, from album “Fearless”, all the way to “Midnight”. And now that our Queen has finally announced her Aussie tour dates for Eras Tour, we have a chance at seeing these ‘fits in the flesh!

Swift was unable to tour for her studio albums “Lover”, “Folklore” and “Evermore” due to the pandemic, so is clearly making up for lost time.

From the very start of Swift’s career, when she launched into our romantic teen hearts with “Love Story”, she has brought us something different each time. With every album comes a new era, with new stories, new sounds and a whole new look.

We’ve had her long curly blonde locks, wild and free, with black winged-eyeliner and a crocheted sundress. That was the pure and innocent Swift who was yet to be Kanye’d and who still dreamt about cute boys throwing rocks at her bedroom window.

Then we had red-lipped tailor, with the mini sailor shorts, long socks, brogues and an array of felt hats. She’d dated a few musicians and actors by this point, and was starting to see the ugly side of love. She was also feeling pretty good, feelin’ 22.

After that, it was NYC Swift. She wore turtlenecks and had a short haircut and her bestie was a supermodel. She made catchy pop music that sounded different from anything we’d heard her make before and got sucked into the cool-girl big-city scene.

Next was wet-look Taylor, with dark lipstick and many a snake motif. She was re-emerging after the internet tore her to shreds over some very human moments of a young girl trying to find her place in the world. She felt angry and betrayed, but she still made it goddamn catchy.

Then, it was fairy floss and rainbows and tie dye and a much happier Taylor in love. Her soft-pop-meets-country-sound returned and we felt calm and happy again.

After that, it was all cable knit cardigans, loosely braided hair and a magical fantasy land that was created during the pandemic and most likely filled with pinewood. Our storytelling queen was back in full force, but this time, with stories that weren’t her own.

Most recently, it’s a grown-up Swift. Combining the sparkle, wholesome romantic, girl who’s been through some sh*t, not afraid to be sexy and back to telling her own story — but this time, with more grit and rawness.

Given this impressive range of eras, all of which have played out honestly and openly through music and in public — it only makes sense that Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour encapsulates all of her eras — including her fashion.

Throughout the show, Swift wore custom-made looks from designers such as Versace, Oscar de la Renta and Roberto Cavalli — revisiting and re-creating iconic looks from her past eras.

Scroll down to see a full breakdown of her looks from the “Eras” tour so far.

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