A Second Hand Shopper Pro on Her Favourite Designers to Buy Used

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When it comes to putting together outfits, clearly, Nawal Sari is doing something right. The Sydney-based digital creator has amassed 252k followers on Instagram by sharing her modest fashion outfits.

One of the styling rules she swears by? Incorporating pre-loved clothing that allows her to experiment with archival fashion across different decades. Not only does shopping second-hand help her create better outfits, but when she does it online, it’s also more convenient, she says.

“I do love shopping second-hand in-store, but going online and searching with keywords that fit my aesthetic is way more efficient,” she says. “I also love that some second-hand e-tailers like eBay have authenticity guarantees, which is great for when looking at designer handbags, wallets or sneakers.”

As for which of those designers she loves shopping for second-hand, Sari says vintage Miu Miu has a special place in her heart. As does vintage Vivienne Westwood and Gucci, both of which have collections she says are timeless. Her favourite second-hand buy to-date is a pair of Miu Miu heels from 1999 that she bought on eBay.

“If I’m not looking for a specific item, I tend to search for an aesthetic or sometimes a ‘core’,” Sari says. “For example, ‘grunge core’ or aesthetics like dark academia or soft girl.”

Material-wise, Sari says she looks for good materials that last, particularly when buying vintage. She found that when she used to buy delicate, second-hand pieces, she wouldn’t wear them as often as she would’ve liked.

“I want something to last a long time,” she says. “Denim is my favourite material, so I often find myself looking for vintage denim jeans, bags and jackets. One of my first online designer vintage pieces was a denim Prada bag.”

Finally, what does Sari not shop for second-hand online? “Personally, I would never shop a current trend at full price,” she says. “It’s hard not to fall for the hype, but in two months or so, it will be discontinued, and people will be onto the next thing. If you wait and think a bit longer, you’ll find resellers online.”

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