Toga Archives x H&M New Collab Collection Gives Us (Affordable) High Fashion Beyond the Binaries

Johnny Dufort

There is so much to love about H&M right now. Not only is the brand committed to a sustainable future of fashion, but it’s also bringing out some incredible collaborations that are truly taking it to a whole new level.

Its latest collab, dropping September 2 sees it partnering with founder and creative director of TOGA ARCHIVES, Yasuko Furuta, to launch the TOGA ARCHIVES x H&M capsule collection. And we’re obsessed.

Designed in collaboration with Furuta, the capsule collection draws on its avant-garde-yet-accessible archives with reimaginings of TOGA signatures and, of course, H&M‘s affordable prices. It gives us major Gossip Girl reboot vibes, with lots of sleek, clean lines but also an element of boldness.

“Fashion is a great way to express your interests immediately and non-verbally,” explained Furuta. “It’s much faster than a conversation about the artwork you are interested in, or the music or books that you like.”

“When I first launched TOGA, I wanted to make clothes for people who are filled with curiosity and who are unafraid of change. With this collection for H&M, I am excited that a broader range of people will be able to discover and enjoy TOGA designs.”

The campaign, styled by Jane How and photographed by Johnny Dufort against the raw brutalist architectural backdrop of London’s Barbican Estate, is truly elevated and really quite high fashion.

Photography: Johnny Dufort

We love an affordable and sustainable high fashion moment, and we can feel our online shopaholic alter-egos trembling with anticipation for the drop.

The campaign includes a range of TOGA favourites including the silhouette-shifting, wool-twill trench coat and a navy tunic enlivened with TOGA’s trademark cut-out and embellishments.

Photography: Johnny Dufort

We love the gender fluidity of multiple pieces in this collection and the attention to detail that has gone into the minimal, yet still unique styling of this dreamy TOGA ARCHIVES x H&M collection.

Photography: Johnny Dufort

Beautifully cut shirts, tailored suits, bold prints and even some floral has made its way into this capsule collection, giving it a distinct look but allowing for versatility, so that the pieces could be worn by anyone.

Items are styled into show-stopping looks in the campaign, but could also be deconstructed to work with other pieces in the collection or even clothing you already have.

Photography: Johnny Dufort

I don’t know about you, but I always appreciate a high fashion collection that doesn’t require you to buy an entire outfit as it’s laid out in the campaign. I like having the option to buy one or two pieces from a collection that’ll work alongside things I already have.

Because let’s face it – we’re not millionaire entrepreneur boss bitches… yet.

Here are some of my favourite looks from the upcoming collection:

Photography: Johnny Dufort
Photography: Johnny Dufort
Photography: Johnny Dufort
Photography: Johnny Dufort
Photography: Johnny Dufort

The dreamy TOGA ARCHIVES x H&M collection will be available online at H&M September 2. And, based on previous collabs, in the famous words of Heidi Klum, is likely to “sell like hot cakes”.

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