Quiet Luxury Is Trending and These Brands Do It Best (Without Sending You Broke)

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While “Succession” didn’t coin the term “quiet luxury”, it may as well have.

Shiv Roy’s wardrobe seems to be all anyone can talk about as we head into winter, a recession well and truly looming.

While the storyline and character development in “Succession” is nothing short of extreme, Shiv’s wardrobe is a stark contrast. Just like her role in the Roy family, her clothes remain consistently composed, calculated and clever. They simply ooze “quiet luxury”, a trend that is hard to explain in words but one that is instantly recognisable.

Basically, quiet luxury embodies timelessly stylish outfits, with no flash and no logos. It exemplifies the adage that “money talks, wealth whispers” — meaning that actual rich people don’t need other people to know that they’re rich. Especially in today’s unstable economic state, it goes the opposite way — wealthy people are becoming aware of rubbing their finances in other peoples’ faces in a way that isn’t obnoxious.

So instead, they’re opting for big overcoats, beautifully tailored pants and crisp shirts that are certainly of quality — but could be from anywhere.

The best part? Quiet luxury isn’t just for rich people.

Although the trend has been born out of the desire to be quiet about wealth, the look itself can be created without a millionaire’s budget.

Focusing on quality tailoring, classic silhouettes, tonal colour palettes and layering, you can create the quiet luxury look by adding a few simple staples to your wardrobe.

Below, we round up five of the top quiet luxury brands that won’t send you into a personal recession.

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