10 Y2K Fashion Trends That Missed Out on a Comeback But Shan’t Be Forgotten

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It’s really beautiful to see so many early 00s fashion trends coming back, but I think it’s about time we all start being honest with ourselves.

Y2K wasn’t all about low-rider flares, with cute platforms, halterneck crop tops and tiny handbags. We’ve absolutely refined and cherry-picked our more chic early 00s trends and have just run with them, but let’s take a moment to truly remember what was cool back in 2003.

Y2K was all about doing things for no reason. We wore belts for pretty much every reason except to keep our pants up, we wore as many accessories as humanly possible at all times, we layered the sh*t out of things that weren’t meant to be layered and we opted for the ‘more is more’ attitude.

RIP to fashion trends that made us feel cool in primary school. We’ll miss you, but I can say I’m very glad they’re in the past.

Just because we (hopefully) will never wear a skinny scarf again, doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate some of the early 00s fashion trends that brought us to where we are today.

Here are 10 Y2K trends that didn’t make a comeback, but we’ll always have a soft spot for.

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