You Can Now Buy Zara Clothes at Cheaper Prices Thanks to Its New Pre-Owned Platform


For stylish, trend-led clothes at won’t-break-the-bank prices, few brands come close to Zara. Scrolling on the website has become one of our favourite hobbies, especially when looking for an affordable party dress or new winter coat, but the impact fashion brands have on the planet has weighed heavily, which is why the new pre-owned initiative by the retailer is a step in the right direction for making clothes last longer.

With over 1.2 million tonnes of clothing ending up in landfill each year and clothes being worn on average just seven times before being discarded, it’s clear fashion is having a devastating effect on our planet. To help reduce the amount of textile waste and contribute to the circular economy, Zara’s pre-owned platform, found on the app and the website, offers three brand new services to help introduce more sustainable ways of shopping to its customers. And we are all in.

The first is Zara Repair. Bought a new dress and the zip has broken? Has the hem fallen down on your skirt? There’s no need to get rid of it. The retailer is now offering a wide range of repair options on any Zara garment, past or present. Repair requests are offered both online and in-store, where you can send them off, and they will be sent back to you as good as new.

Next, is Zara Resale. Customers can resell any Zara item, no matter how old, on a new platform on the app and on the website. Think of it as a Zara eBay. The customer-to-customer process means you can buy and sell clothes, organised by product categories. Sellers upload each item including descriptions and images, and Zara will include any additional detail from its back catalogue. Customers can then browse like normal and find some absolute steals. Whether it’s a top for a fiver, or dress for a tenner, there are hordes of second-hand garments for you to choose from that are being sold for a fraction of the full price. Just add to the bag as usual and the seller will post out within three working days.

Finally comes Zara Donate. This option is not exclusive for Zara items, but instead any old, unwanted clothes you have from any brand can be requested to be collected from your home for donation. While there are already donation containers in stores, this takes the initiative online where all donations will go to the Red Cross.

With the simple click of a button, you can get your hands on cheaper Zara clothing, as well as make money by reselling your old clothes, and all while shopping in a more sustainable way that helps clothes to last longer and not end up in landfill. What’s not to love? Have a look ahead at some of our favourite pieces that you can now get your hands on.

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