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At-Home Ab Workout Alexia Clark

This Trainer's At-Home Ab Workout Will Target Ab Muscles You Didn't Know You Had

Certified personal trainer Alexia Clark posts a lot of great full-body, leg, arm, and butt workouts on her Instagram page. Take this three-move full-body circuit for instance. Her ab workouts, though, are my favourites because they're challenging and incorporate moves that aren't necessarily the planks and sit-ups we're used to doing — and her latest core routine with just four exercises is no exception.

Alexia calls this her "Abs at Home or Anywhere" routine, and it's all bodyweight so you don't need any equipment. Ahead, check out notes for each move that she put in her Instagram caption, and watch the full workout above.

Alexia Clark's At-Home (or Anywhere!) Abs

Do each of these four exercises for 30 seconds with minimal rest in between moves. Complete a total of two to four rounds (also with minimal rest).

  1. Sit-up pulses: Alexia wrote in her Instagram post that you can modify these by taking out the pulse and just lowering as slowly as possible back to the ground.
  2. Cross cross tucks: To keep your lower back on the ground during these, Alexia said to place your hands under you.
  3. Side crawls: During this advanced version of side planks, make sure you're keeping your hips up, she noted.
  4. Crunch kick outs: Alexia said to place each foot on the ground after each kick out.

See? We told you these moves were out of the ordinary and awesome! Keep 'em coming, Alexia. For more at-home ab workouts, check out this 10-minute Class FitSugar video and this simple five-move ab routine.

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