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10-Minute Yoga Flow For Flexibility From Phyllicia Bonanno

This 10-Minute Yoga Flow From SWEAT's New Trainer Phyllicia Bonanno Will Help Improve Your Flexibility

10-Minute Yoga Flow For Flexibility From Phyllicia Bonanno
Image Source: SWEAT

Over the last few months, I've become obsessed with yoga. After a long day at my desk (read: my kitchen table that's absolutely not set up to support an 8-hour work day — still? Yes, shocking I know.), I find that doing a relaxing yoga flow, even if it's just 10-minutes, makes a such a huge difference to how I feel in my body.

According to SWEAT's new trainer and yogie Phyllicia Bonanno, "regular movement through yoga can help increase flexibility. Greater flexibility can not only help improve your range of motion and release muscle tension, it can also help to reduce your risk of injury and increase your blood circulation."

Which my body absolutely needs RN. My lower body is so stiff and it's starting to have an impact on my upper body as it's over compensating explains Phyllicia.

"Flexibility is critical to the overall health of our bodies. The muscles of our bodies are interconnected, so if your muscles are feeling tight in the lower part of your body, this tightness can shift to the muscles in our upper body and cause tension or discomfort."

Adding: "When we perform simple everyday activities such as standing, sitting down or walking, our lower-body muscles are activated. Increasing flexibility and stretching out our lower-back, legs, hamstrings, and calve muscles can help to improve mobility, ease muscle tension and allow you to go about day to day activities with ease."

So to help get our muscles moving and increase our flexibility, Phyllicia has pulled together a quick 10-minute flexibility flow that you can squeeze in before, during or after work. If you're anything like me, you're welcome . . .

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