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30-Minute Jake DuPree Leg Workout

Give Jake 30 Minutes and He'll Make Your Legs Shake and Quake

We've long admired Jake DuPree's legs, and now we have the secret sauce. It's a vigorous 30-minute lower-body workout! It's fast paced and a little saucy, but it seriously tones and strengthens the legs from all angles. We provide modifications for each move so that no matter your fitness level, you can join in the fun. And all you need is a light set of dumbbells to get your legs shaking.

On Jake: Lululemon
On Dani: Satva top and Eleven by Venus Williams tights
On Dre: Lively top and Satva tights
All shoes by Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)
Yeti yoga mats
Cheeky water bottles

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