This 30-Day Squat Challenge Will Strengthen Your Glutes With Nothing but Your Bodyweight

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Need a simple way to shake up your workout routine? A 30-day squat challenge will work your lower body like nothing else. But we’re not talking about a squat challenge that includes just one type of squat. Our version involves five different squat variations to work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. We start off with 40 squats on day one, and eventually you’ll build up strength with the goal of completing 200 total reps (40 reps of each variation) in 30 days.

Here is the 30-day plan created by ACE-certified trainer and boxing coach Kollins Ezekh. He said to follow the rep range broken down day by day in the chart, and added that building up to higher reps will not only challenge you and increase your strength, but will also build muscle endurance. Follow the plan and adjust it as needed according to your schedule and ability level. Ezekh said on the days you’re performing the squat exercises, doing extra workouts for the lower body won’t necessarily be harmful, but fitness is about balance. So while you are doing this squat challenge, you should focus on adding in upper body- and core workouts when you have extra time.

30-Day Squat Challenge

Equipment needed: none

Directions: After warming up with a few minutes of cardio such as jogging in place, jumping jacks, or jumping rope, perform all five squat variations for the designated amount of reps per day. For both the narrow squat with back kick and the basic squat with side leg lift, be sure to do the designated number of reps on both sides (so if the plan says 10 reps, complete 10 reps per side for 20 reps total). After each day’s workout, do these lower-body stretches.

  • Narrow squat
  • Narrow squat with back kick
  • Basic squat
  • Basic squat with side leg lift
  • Sumo squat
Day Reps Number of Squats
Day 1 8 reps of each 40
Day 2 9 reps of each 45
Day 3 10 reps of each 50
Day 4 11 reps of each 55
Day 5 12 reps of each 60
Day 6 13 reps of each 65
Day 7 Rest 0
Day 8 14 reps of each 70
Day 9 15 reps of each 75
Day 10 16 reps of each 80
Day 11 17 reps of each 85
Day 12 18 reps of each 90
Day 13 19 reps of each 95
Day 14 Rest 0
Day 15 20 reps of each 100
Day 16 21 reps of each 105
Day 17 22 reps of each 110
Day 18 23 reps of each 115
Day 19 24 reps of each 120
Day 20 25 reps of each 125
Day 21 Rest 0
Day 22 26 reps of each 130
Day 23 28 reps of each 140
Day 24 30 reps of each 150
Day 25 32 reps of each 160
Day 26 34 reps of each 170
Day 27 36 reps of each 180
Day 28 Rest 0
Day 29 38 reps of each 190
Day 30 40 reps of each 200

Keep reading for instructions on the five different variations.

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