Here's the 5-Minute Yoga Warmup I Do Before a Run or Home CrossFit Workout

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Lately with early morning home workouts, my mind and body are not quite ready for fast-paced warmup that involves typical moves like jumping jacks or high knees. I need to ease into the idea of moving, and using this yoga as the bridge to get me from “barely awake” to “time for burpees” has been key to preparing my body and getting my mind excited to exercise.

This five-minute yoga warmup involves a few dynamic mini yoga flows, designed to target the major muscle groups you’ll be using whether you’re going for a run or doing another type of cardio workout, or if you’re strength training with weights or bodyweight moves. Try it before your next workout; it’s about five minutes long depending on how fast you move between poses, but feel free to take longer or add on extra poses if you feel inspired. That’s the point of this warmup – to get you excited to move!

I do this five-minute warmup in bare feet, so I can grip my yoga mat without slipping, and so I can really stretch and mobilize the muscles in my feet. Then I slip on my socks and sneakers and start my workout.

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