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9 Healthy Protein Recipes

How Sweet It Is: 9 Creative Recipes Using Protein Powder

Even if you regularly toss in protein powder to boost your smoothie's nutrition, sometimes you need a break from the blender. Skip that shake, and try one of these nine inventive recipes instead. Each has a sweet twist to help incorporate the powder and hit your daily recommended protein intake deliciously.

Single-Serve Pancake

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr The sky-high protein content in this quick single-serve vanilla pancake recipe comes from the combination of low-fat cottage cheese and protein powder. In under 10 minutes, you can have a satisfying, 350-calorie breakfast treat. Total protein (per pancake): 38 grams

Breakfast Bars

Photo: Jenny Sugar These easy and quick gluten-free breakfast bars can be made the night before and enjoyed the following morning. Munch down two bars, and that's a 350-calorie breakfast full of protein. Total protein (per two bars): 17 grams

Pre-Workout Bites

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr Skip all the prep, and opt for this quick pre-workout snack that reserves your energy for your workout. These peanut butter protein balls taste like chocolate chip cookie dough but offer the perfect blend of protein and carbs for a strength-training session. Total protein (per two balls): 9 grams

Protein Cake

Photo: Leta Shy Celebrity trainer Holly Perkins created this molten lava cake that adds both a chocolate protein bar and a scoop of protein powder to the mix. This double dose is the secret to this recipe's sky-high protein content. Total protein (per cake): 20 grams

Post-Workout Bar

Photo: Jenny Sugar These satisfyingly chewy protein bars are the perfect snack for after a workout. They taste so sweet and cookie-like that your taste buds will call them dessert, plus they're vegan, which keeps cholesterol levels down. Total protein (per bar): 13 grams

Cherry Energy Chunks

Photo: Jenny Sugar Protein and carbs is the magic post-workout combo, and these cherry almond chunks offer what you need with a low calorie count. You'll love their soft center and satisfying crunch. Total protein (per three chunks): 7 grams

PB and Banana Snack

Photo: Jenny Sugar For a pre- or post-workout snack, this banana and peanut butter snack couldn't be easier. The banana offers quick carbs, and the peanut butter offers a little protein. For a more refreshing treat, try freezing it! Total protein: 14 grams

Almond Protein Pancakes

Photo: Jenny Sugar Looking for a stack of pancakes full of protein? You'll flip for almond protein pancakes; made with whole-wheat flour, they're topped off with a rich-tasting yet light banana cream sauce. Total protein (per three pancakes with sauce): 30 grams

Brownie Bites

Photo: Jenny Sugar Bring a dose of protein powder to a classic dessert. These chewy and tasty brownie bites have the flavour and texture you're craving. You'll be glad to know these cholesterol-free treats are also vegan, so you can lick the spoon without worry! Total protein (per two bites): 10 grams

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