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Beginner Interval Treadmill Workout

New to Running? This Interval Workout Is For You

Intervals, intervals, intervals! You keep hearing about how good they are for decreasing belly fat, increasing speed, and breaking through workout plateaus. Yet, you've been happily travelling along at a consistent pace — or maybe just afraid to max out your intensity. If you're ready to tackle intervals but sprinting scares the sports bra off of you, here's an easy workout where pace varies only slightly and never goes faster than 6.5 mph. Feel free to adjust the speed to your needs and have fun!

Time Pace (mph) Calories
00:00-5:00 4.0 (15 min/mile) 20 1-3
05:00-6:00 5.0 (12 min/mile) 7 4-7
6:00-8:00 5.5 (11 min/mile) 16 8-10
8:00-9:00 5.0 7 4-7
9:00-11:00 6.0 (10 min/mile) 18 8-10
11:00-12:00 5.0 7 4-7
12:00-14:00 5.5 16 8-10
14:00-15:00 5.0 7 4-7
15:00-17:00 6.5 (9:14 min/mile) 19 8-10
17:00-18:00 5.0 7 4-7
18:00-20:00 5.5 16 8-10
20:00-21:00 5.0 7 4-7
21:00-23:00 6.0 18 8-10
23:00-24:00 5.0 7 4-7
24:00-26:00 5.5 10 8-10
26:00-31:00 4.0 20 4-7

Total calories burned: 202
*Calculations are based on a 130-pound woman.
**RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion
For a printable version that you can take with you to the gym, click here.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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