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Best Running Warm-Up

We're making 2016 our fittest yet, as we train for NTC Tour Sydney in partnership with NIKE Women. Join us and be Better For It.

Confession: I am not a runner. I'd like to be, but it's just not my thing. I've never quite gotten to the point of achieving the "runner's high" and am yet to experience the mental clarity runners rave about. This week, my challenge is to get out of my comfort zone and actually run — cue nervous jitters and tummy butterflies. To help, NIKE Master Trainer Kirsty Godso (who admits she isn't the biggest fan of running either, despite challenging herself to complete her first half marathon in 2016 — go girl!) is sharing her top three warm-up moves, that just so happen to tone your legs as well. Scroll down to warm up, then check out NIKE+ Run Club in Sydney and Melbourne — it's free to join and suitable for all levels. Happy running!

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