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The Best Weight Loss Programs For Couples

Weight Loss Programs You Can Do With Your Boy

Adopting a new health and fitness program is tough — full stop, the end! But trying to find one that you can do with your man is the real challenge. There's so much to consider — will the meals keep him full? Will the meals keep you full? Are the recipes too protein- or carb-heavy? And do the workouts consider your very different fitness levels? All very important questions when you're committing money and time to overhaul your diet and exercise routine.

So before you choose a diet plan or sign up for a workout that's all kinds of wrong for you both, here's a list of programs that are made for you and your SO.

The Body Coach 90 Day Shift Shape and Sustain

Created by Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) to educated people who fall into the trap of low-calories diets and meal replacements, Joe is on a mission to help people achieve their goals without going hungry. Start with the 90 Day SSS (Shape, Shift and Sustain) Plan and once you've aced it you can graduate to the 30 Day SAS Plan, it's the Support and Sustain Program that gives you an extra six months of content. You'll get workouts and load of delicious recipes that are quick and easy and designed to impress everyone.

28 by Sam Wood

It's the program that's transforming the lives and bodies of 28ers all over Australia, but Sam's program is definitely not exclusive to us lucky ladies. The food programs and 28-minute daily workouts are suitable for men looking to jump-start, and then maintain (the constant struggle), their new and improved healthy lifestyle. Often reluctant to sign up for the program at first, the men who adopt the meal plans find they lose weight just from changing their diet. If the before and afters are anything to go by, it's worth a shot.

Lite n' Easy

Lite n' Easy has been around for a while now, for good reasons. It's extremely convenient for people who are time-poor, it helps manage portion control and it eliminates the need to create new and healthy meals because all the hard work is done for you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is delivered to your door and every single thing you need is included. The meals feel indulgent but are created by dietitians to fit into specific calorie categories (1,200, 1,500 and 1,800 calorie options are available), so you can tailor your meals to your preferred daily calorie intake.

Weight Watchers

Between the SmartPoints, FitPoints and the Connect Community you and your partner can both join Weight Watchers and still have different meal plans and fitness goals. The support groups are available 24/7 so if you're ever feel you're about to fall off the wagon, they'll be there to put you back on.

Amanda Bisk: Fresh Body Fit Mind Program

For the men reading this, stick with us. This program, created by the bendiest human on the planet, Amanda Bisk, is a 12-week workout plan complete with 20-minute workouts that burn fat, promote athletic muscle tone and make you your most-flexible self. With each day comes a new exercise so you won't be doing the same workout twice!

I Quit Sugar 7-Day Reboot

If you're looking for a healthy living kick-start, this seven-day sugar-free plan is perfect. You and your beau can eat the same healthy, nutritionist-developed meals.

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