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Blogger's Food Baby Disappears Overnight

1 Fitness Blogger Just Put All Food Babies to Shame

The dreaded food baby: while it's sometimes a product overindulgence, it might also result from other factors, as a fitness editor shared on Facebook. Along with her before and after shot, Tiffany Brien wrote, "We are not all what we seem on social media . . . nobody is perfect."

Tiffany goes on to explain how she's struggled with bloat due to food intolerance, stress, and other factors. This particular photo was taken on a "bad day" and in her detailed explanation, she points to stress, lack of sleep, and hormones as possible sources. Though Tiffany can't identify the exact cause, she does offer advice on fighting back: keep a food diary and record when you bloat, don't over-exercise to compensate, explore probiotics and multivitamins, drink peppermint tea, and most importantly, relax. We'll take her word for it since the food baby disappeared in 12 hours.

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