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Caligirlgetsfit Instagram Tutorials About Exercise Form

The Instagram Account Your Trainer Would Let You Pause a Workout For

Getting fit is a process, and we all know that having the right gear and paying for the gym membership or having a list of at-home workouts ready is just the beginning. Not only do you need to have muster up the motivation to get going, you also have to get your form right so get the most out of your work.
And if you happen to stop mid-workout to check on what your favourite fit chicks are up to, we've found just the Instagram account to justify your distraction. Fitness-lover Shannon, runs the @caligirlgetsfit account and has dedicated it to coaching and correcting fellow fitness enthusiasts on the small form mistakes they make that reverse their good work.
Whether you're on a strength training journey, dabbling in HIIT, or just finding your feet, make sure to side-step a pricey personal training session by following the fun and free account that'll help you perfect your form.

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