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Calories Burned Doing Burpees

How Many Burpees It Takes to Work Off a Grilled Cheese, Cupcake, or Glass of Wine

We all need to indulge a little and satisfy our cravings, but sometimes when you try to eat a tiny square of dark chocolate, you end up inhaling the entire bar! Now imagine if instead of calorie counts on labels, packages or menus listed the number of burpees it took to work off a serving. Yikes! Out of extreme curiosity, I did the legwork and figured it out for you. Don't hate me. As downright depressing as it is to see the amounts, it might make you think twice before grabbing another slice of pizza.

Let's say that for one minute of basic burpees done correctly (most people do between 10 and 20), it burns an average of 10 calories. Check out the stats below. They're not meant to make you cry cringe but are just good to keep in the back of your mind if you're trying to lose weight.

  • Slice of pepperoni pizza (298 calories): 30 minutes of burpees
  • Cheeseburger (423 calories): 42 minutes and 20 seconds of burpees
  • Medium-sized McDonald's french fries (380 calories): 38 minutes of burpees
  • Grilled cheese (580 calories): 58 minutes of burpees
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookie (89 calories): 9 minutes of burpees
  • Red velvet cupcake (496 calories): 50 minutes of burpees
  • Half a cup of vanilla ice cream (230 calories): 23 minutes of burpees
  • Half a bar of dark chocolate (300 calories): 30 minutes of burpees
  • 148mL glass of red wine (115 calories): 11 minutes and 30 seconds of burpees
  • 354mL bottle of beer (150 calories): 15 minutes of burpees
  • 354mL can of Coca-Cola (143 calories): 14 minutes and 20 seconds of burpees
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