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Calories Burned During 20-Minute Workouts

Research shows that 20 minutes of exercise can boost your metabolism, so even though it might not feel like an amazing workout, you're still doing your body good. And aside from keeping your metabolism going, check out how many calories you'll burn. If you don't have the luxury of being able to fit in much else, shoot for one of these quickie 20-minute workouts instead.

Exercise Calories Burned
Walking (4kmh) 61
Walking, 15 percent incline (4kmh) 189
Brisk walking (5kmh) 81
Brisk walking, 15 percent incline (5kmh) 242
Running (6kmh) 144
Running, 15 percent incline (6kmh) 263
Running (7kmh) 180
Running, 15 percent incline (7kmh) 321
Bike ride 180
Hiking 129
Skipping 220
Swimming 198
Deep water running 180
Tennis 121
Twenty-minute Vinyasa yoga sequence 90
Twenty-minute cardio workout
Try these:
Ten-minute no-equipment cardio workout
Ten-minute fat-incinerator workout
Twenty-minute strength training and cardio circuit workout
Try these:
Ten-minute P90X3 workout
Ten-minute arm-toning workout

*All calculations are based on a 59kg woman.

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