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A Fat-Burning Jump Rope and Booty Workout That Only Takes 20 Minutes

A Fat-Burning Jump Rope and Booty Workout That Only Takes 20 Minutes
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd
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Crunched for time? Want to get your heart rate up and strengthen your lower body at the same time? You're in the right place. We've got a 20-minute HIIT workout for you that will blast fat, strengthen your cardiovascular health, and sculpt your butt. Grab a jump rope and a pair of medium dumbbells, and let's get to work.

The Workout

This is an AMRAP — as many rounds as possible. You'll set your timer for 20 minutes and get through as many sets as you can, without compromising your form, though. There are four different movements to focus on for this workout: two are cardio-based (jump rope and jump squat), and the other two are strength-training moves (dumbbell thruster and goblet squat). Alternating back and forth will allow you to get your heart rate up while also building your muscles. Here are the movements, along with how many reps you should do for each.

One full round is when you go through each exercise once. If you need a short breather before starting the next round, feel free to take a few seconds and recover. But the goal is to keep your heart rate up, so try not to let yourself get cooled off too much. Jump-rope skips are pretty self-explanatory (100 may sound like a lot, but you can definitely do it!), but here are descriptions of the other three exercises.

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