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Celebrity Fitness Instagram Inspiration

We're making 2016 our fittest yet, as we train for NTC Tour Sydney in partnership with NIKE Women. Join us and be Better For It.

For personal trainers, models and celebrities, working out is part of their daily routine. Yes, being active and staying fit is technically their job, but there's something to be said for the commitment they show (the results kinda speak for themselves). Glowing skin, lean muscles and those happy "I-just-killed-that-workout" vibes? I'll have what she's having, thanks.

Sometimes, when I reach the middle of the week and my own commitment starts to waiver, I like to take a quick scroll through my favourite feeds and remind myself that I am going to feel pretty damn fantastic if I just suck it up and go. Guess what? It works! I'm pulling on my tights and scooting off to class faster than you can say abs like Iza. Because a little visual inspiration goes a long way, here are 10 snaps to help get your butt into gear and make this week count. Two words: girl power!

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