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Demi Lovato Before and After Photo

Demi Lovato Shares Her Striking Before and After Photos on Instagram: "Recovery Is Possible"

Demi Lovato has had a long road to feeling healthy and confident and isn't afraid to share her triumphs and struggles along the way. Today, Demi shared a (fan-made) before and after photo set on her Instagram story with the caption "Recovery is possible," referencing her struggles with bulimia.

The Sorry Not Sorry singer recently opened up about her eating disorder struggles in her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated. "When I feel lonely, my heart feels hungry. . . . Food is still the biggest challenge in my life. It's something that I'm constantly thinking about. Body image, what I'm going to eat next, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I didn't eat. It's just constant."

Fitness has been a huge focus for her staying on course with her health — physically and mentally. She uses cardio, strength training, and MMA and jujitsu to keep herself strong and active, with a focus on building muscle and staying at a healthy weight. Demi told POPSUGAR in a recent interview that she has "a nutritionist chef full time" to ensure she's getting the right nutrition. "I don't eat anything if it doesn't grow or if it doesn't walk," she told us while discussing her affinity for natural, unprocessed foods.

Demi has been sticking with her current exercise routine because of the impact it's had on her mental health. "My favourite part about fitness is the way you feel afterward," she told POPSUGAR. And while she's still working on her health every day, she's proof that — as her caption said — "recovery is possible."

If you or a loved one are in need of any help, The Butterfly Foundation has several resources.

Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur
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