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Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

4 Simple Ways to Hit the Restart Button on Your Fitness Goals

Committing to a fitness journey always seems more doable at the onset of the year, you can almost see the time stretching out before you and are motivated to knock down every one of your goals. But, after a couple of months of being consistent, you start to miss workouts, leave a few meals to chance, and before you know it, Summer's looming, you've completely blown your schedule of short-term goals and your long-term goals seem even further out of reach than they were when you first started.

Don't Call it a Comeback

Unless you're absolutely sure you can handle it, don't attempt to jump straight into what you were doing before. After missing workouts and taking extended breaks from the gym, you need to build your endurance back up to its previous level, and jumping straight in where you left off can have a negative effect on your morale. Try easing yourself in with a two week workout schedule that involves instructed gym classes or short and sweet, follow-along workouts that give you the no-pressure, addictive high of endorphins that's keep you going back.

Eat Your Way Back to Health

Getting back into a clean eating mindset can be tough, but as we all know and are made in the kitchen so it counts for more than exercise in the long run.
You're not going to be able to detox away a month of no exercise and endless takeaways with a 24-hour long detox, but it can be a great motivator that jump start you into getting your healthy eating back on track. If the thought of working out is too daunting, focus on eating clean for a while before working out and you're bound to see results, whether it be weightloss, a lift in your mood, or clearer skin.

Go Back in Time

The starting point of a lifestyle change doesn't always have to be dramatic, sometimes it's being hit with the reality of not being able to button up your favourite pair of jeans up that gets you started. If you know you feel a lot better when you're living a healthy lifestyle, but can't seem to get yourself in the zone, think back and remind yourself of the reason behind your quest. Your motivator might still be a powerful catalyst, so write it down and remind yourself of this every time it feels like you're about to fall off the wagon.

Set Short Term Goals

Although turning a new leaf is a long-term endeavour, short-term goals are great motivators that keep you going in between hitting your monumental milestones. These can be as simple as working back up to running for five minutes straight or counting your macros consistently for a week.

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