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Emotional Benefits of Losing Weight

I Don't Count the Kilos I've Lost, I Count the Moments I've Gained

Natalie McCain

I don't count the kilos I've lost on my weight-loss journey. I focus on what matters — I count the moments. I could get stuck in an endless cycle of stepping on the scale and putting my worth into a number, but I refuse. I put away my bathroom scale and no longer welcome its cold measurement of my progress. My progress is about so much more than a number; my worth is something that can't be counted. My beauty can't be written down as a measurement. I am six months into my weight-loss journey, and the difference in how I feel is what matters to me.

I take a walk with my children and notice how easily I can chase them and play silly games. I visit a theme park with my family and can manage to walk the entire day without tiring out. I join in with my children at the trampoline park. We have long, active Summer days and I don't find myself needing a nap by 2:00 p.m. I no longer sit on the sidelines while my family is active and having fun. I think of all of the fun I missed before I made health a priority. I vow to no longer miss the fun.

I join my friends for nature walks. I get outside and enjoy the fresh air, the sun on my face. I appreciate how my body feels as it moves. My clothes are getting looser — while my legs continue to feel stronger. I notice how I can laugh and carry on long conversations without feeling winded. I couldn't do that before. I get compliments from family and friends, telling me things like, "You look like a different person!" Sure, I realise this is true. They are only noticing my physical changes. I am keeping track of things that can't be counted.

Natalie McCain

My son asks me to spin him around. I take note of how easily I lift him up and can run around and be silly. I'm not worrying about the size of my pants or how many calories I've consumed. I fuel my body with foods that are good for it, and I stay active. The rest falls into place. I'm at peace with my body. I appreciate that the more I focus on getting healthy, the happier my body seems. My skin is no longer dull — it glows. My body is changing for the better, in so many ways. Part of self-love and body positivity is taking care of your body. I've always felt beautiful and loved myself, but now I am showing my body the love it deserves and needs to flourish.

When you eat foods that your body thrives on, your body thanks you. It thanks me by moving easier, breathing easier, playing easier, and so much more. I am active each and every day, whether it is a nature walk or playing for an hour outdoors with my children. I make exercise something I can enjoy. My body deserves the best, so I have made my health a priority. But my mental health is equally important, so I won't obsess over numbers.

No, I will not step on the scale to measure my progress. I will not measure the width of my hips, waist, or arms. The only thing this measures is the space you take up. Measure your weight-loss journey in moments. They are what truly matter.

Image Source: Natalie McCain
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